Mission Statement

The goal of the UNH BSEP program is to produce broadly-trained engineers who can provide solutions to today’s challenging problems in support of a technologically evolving society. The core of the program is based on interdisciplinary training, complemented with a deeper understanding of the physical principles needed to support careers in engineering,  engineering research or, perhaps, further training in systems engineering. The program balances depth and breadth in skill development; flexibility and functionality are what drive the program in the sense that 1) the particular focus is based on the student’s interests, and 2) the breadth of the course selection is guided by the post-graduation goals of the student (e.g., employment versus graduate school).

Program Educational Objectives

Objective 1: Graduates will be able to apply scientific understanding, engineering training, laboratory experience, and quantitative skills to entry-level professional employment and/or graduate school, with credentials and perspective that transcend a single discipline.

Objective 2: Graduates will demonstrate proficiency and persuasion while communicating technical findings in writing, orally, graphically, with or without technology, whether to other individuals, work teams, or more broadly to society, such as in publications and/or conference presentations.

Objective 3: Graduates will have received education and mentorship in the social, ethical, historical, environmental, economic and global ramifications of their work, in aligning their technical expertise with good citizenship, and in maintaining that expertise as life-long learners. 

External Advisory Board

The UNH BSEP program maintains an External Advisory Board (EAB) for the purpose of providing feedback regarding all aspects of the program. The Board meets at the end of the spring semester each year.

Current EAB Members

Dr. Steve Davis (Chair), Chief Scientist, Physical Sciences Inc., North Andover, MA

Dr. Eric Dors, Strategic Technical Development Director, Los Alamos National Labs, Los Alamos, NM

Mr. Mark Osgood, VP of Engineering, Excellims Corporation, Acton, MA

Dr. Liz Gerrish, Technical Director, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, MA

Enrollment and Graduation Data

Fall 2016 Fall 2017
16 BSEP students enrolled 28 BSEP students enrolled

Our first BSEP student graduated in Spring 2017!