1. Satisfy the requirements of the Discovery Program.
  2. Satisfy the Writing Requirements. This requirement includes four courses. A list of approved writing-intensive courses appears on the web.
  3. Satisfy the Bachelor of Science Requirements: a minimum of 128 credits at the 400-799 level and at a GPA of at least 2.00.
  4. Minimum Engineering Physics requirements:
    1. A minimum of six 3- or 4-credit physics courses (with at least one of these courses being at the 700 level), a minimum of six 3- or 4-credit engineering courses and two other electives, chosen from physics, engineering or math programs. The course selection must include a total of at least eight courses at the combined 600 and 700 levels.
    2. CHEM 403 or CHEM 405. (Note: to take CHEM 405, a student must have taken chemistry in high school.)
    3. Required math courses include Math 425, 426 (Calc 1, 2) and 527/528 (Diff Eq and Multi-D). Math 525/526 (Linearity I, II) may replace MATH 527/528.
    4. A computer programming course, such as CS 410 or IAM 550 or equivalent.
    5. A capstone experience is required of all BSEP students during their senior year. ABET accreditation requires that the capstone experience be a design experience. If a project involves research, it must also lead to a design effort.
  5. A student must have a minimum grade of C in each 400- or 500-level course in items 4.1 through 4.4 and an overall grade-point average of 2.33 in these courses in order to continue in the BSEP program.