Hollen Lab featured by RHK Technology's "Image of the month"

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Graphene on silicon carbide
RHK's image of the month: graphene on silicon carbide


Research by the Hollen Two-dimensional Materials Lab has been featured by RHK Technology's Image of the month series. The researchers, led by Prof. Hollen, used scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to image atomic-scale topography and electronic variations in a sheet of graphene (a form of carbon) on a silicon carbide substrate. The resulting image is one of the highest quality produced with RHK's first-on-the-market, cryogen free, low temperature STM. Graphene on silicon carbide is one of the most promising routes for producing large-scale graphene devices and heterostructures.

In this collaborative research project, the Hollen lab studied the topography and electronic variations of samples grown by Prof. Joshua Robinson's group at Pennsylvania State University. This characterization of the base graphene growth is in preparation for developing work between the groups that aims to understand the local electronic states across graphene heterostructures.

The figure above shows a large scale image (50 nm across, about 1/1000 of the diameter of a human hair) and magnified view of graphene on silicon carbide with a simultaneously collected local density of states map showing electronic variations. The large-scale image shows a superposition of a Moire pattern (between carbon and silicon carbide atoms) and electronic variations, while the zoom shows details down to atomic resolution of the carbon