New Faculty Profile: Associate Professor Ningyu Liu

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Dr. Yingyu Liu
Dr. Yingyu Liu, who joined the Physics Department faculty in August 2016.

Dr. Ningyu Liu joined the Physics Department in August 2016 as an Associate Professor. He is a world leader in the field of atmospheric electricity and lightning physics, doing ground-breaking research on lightning initiation and high-altitude discharges within our atmosphere.  Prior to coming to UNH, Dr. Liu was a faculty member in the Physics and Space Science Department at the Florida Institute of Technology for eight years.  Dr. Liu received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, 2006, and his M.S and B.S. degrees from Zhejiang University in China.  His research interests span a wide range of topics in atmospheric and space electricity, including thunderstorm charging and electrification, lightning, thunderstorm energetic radiation, and the effects of thunderstorms and lightning on the middle and upper atmosphere.  His research has focused on developing modeling tools, building ground-based imaging systems, and analyzing data collected from in-situ or remote sensing measurements to answer the most important science questions in this field.  In particular, he has studied thunderstorm charge structures, lightning initiation and propagation, energetic radiation from thunderstorms, radio signals from lightning, transient luminous events (jets, sprites, halos, etc.), and the ionospheric impact of thunderstorms and lightning.  Recently, Dr. Liu’s work with high speed imaging of lightning was featured in Newsweek, the Huffington Post, the BBC and many other news organizations.  Dr. Liu is the second faculty member in the newly formed Lightning Research Group in the Department of Physics and the EOS Space Science Center.