Ph.D requirements

The required courses for a Ph.D. are Experimental Physics (805), Mathematical Methods of Physics (931), Statistical Physics (935), Theoretical Mechanics (939), Electromagnetic Theory (941, 942), and Quantum Mechanics (943, 944). In addition, four additional 3 credit courses (not including seminar courses or Doctoral Research) are required, two of which may be at the 800 level. Space Science students (those students whose Ph.D. advisor is a member of the EOS faculty) have additional constraints on their course requirements; these are discussed in the Space Science Curriculum section.

All physics graduate students should take two semesters of the Introduction to Physics Research & Teaching Seminar (806) during their first year in the program.

All Ph.D. students are required to develop and demonstrate proficiency in lecturing. Normally this requirement is met by students satisfactorily completing one year of teaching as a Teaching Assistant. The faculty will accommodate special arrangements, by petition, to achieve and demonstrate the equivalent level of oral communication.

There are no foreign language requirements for a Ph.D. Students who are not yet proficient in speaking or understanding English should take English As A Second Language, which is offered through the English Department.