Physics Department welcomes Professor Kislat

Monday, November 5, 2018


Professor Fabian Kislat
Professor Fabian Kislat
Professor Fabian Kislat joined the Department in the 2018 Fall semester. His research focuses on the understanding of neutron stars, black holes, and supernova explosions. To that end, he develops new detector technologies for X-ray and gamma-ray polarimetry and spectroscopy. Dr. Kislat is the PI of the SCOTTI project (Superconducting Titanium Imager), whose goal it is to build a balloon-borne hard X-ray telescope utilizing novel gamma-ray detectors using transition edg sensors. He is also the instrument scientist of the hard X-ray polarimeter X-Calibur, which will be flown on its first long-duration balloon flight in the Antarctic summer of 2018/19. Dr. Kislat earned his Ph.D. from Humboldt-University in Berlin, Germany, in 2011. Before coming to UNH, he held positions as post-doc and as Research Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis.

Herzlich willkommen, Fabian!