Physics Graduate Tyler Chapman receives Fulbright Scholarship

Friday, May 11, 2018


Tyler Chapman
Tyler Chapman
UNH Engineering Physics Graduate Tyler Chapman will be traveling to Oslo, Norway to work with the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics and the Plasma and Space Physics research groups, both of which are located at the University of Oslo. He will investigate possible correlations between electromagnetic and seismic signals near the island of Svalbard, using existing and unique data sets from an array of seismic instruments and an array of magnetometer instruments. Specifically, he will investigate a large earthquake that occurred in February of 2008 near Svalbad to determine the statistical correlation between those two types of signals and produce a public database of signal events. He hopes that his research will advance the understanding of analysis and detection methods for seismic events. He also plans to engage with the community by working with local schools to develop new STEM-based classroom activities to bolster their curriculum and promote youth education.

Congratulations, Tyler!