Society of Physics Students - Events

Upcoming SPS Events 

Fall 2013 Movie Night : details coming soon!
Spring 2014 Egg Launch Competition : details coming soon!

Past Events SPS has organized

In the last four years some of the events UNH SPS has organized: Egg-drop competion, chat-with-professors, student colloquia, movie nights, pool nights (billiards), SPS open house (with cool stuff like Liquid N2 made ice cream, dry ice made explosions, Van de Graaff generators, etc.), Bowling nights, Group Physics Study Sessions during Finals (with free Chinese food), Lunches with physics faculty members, A Hike on Mount Washington, Recreational Sports, A trip to see Copenhagen (the physics related play about Heisenberg, Bohr, WWII, and the atomic bomb), A trip to high school classes to do cool Physics Demonstrations, A star- gazing night at the UNH Observatory, A trip to the Bates particle accelerator near MIT, Raffles for a free DVD that you enter by coming to SPS meetings/events, UNH faculty talks about their research, among other events. SPS members choose what SPS decides to do, so if you have some great idea for an SPS event all you have to do is bring it up at a meeting and we can then do it!


Our UNH Chapter of meets in the undergraduate physics lounge, room 339, in the main physics building, DeMeritt Hall pictured below. Our membership and activities is funded by the UNH Physics Deptartment in exchange for free weekly tutoring sessions for all undergraduate physics classes (PHYS 400-799, though primarily 400- level courses).

2013 SPS Egg Drop Competition Winners

SPS Egg Drop