Space Science Curriculum

A basic training in plasma physics is needed for Ph.D. research in Space Science. Therefore, the following classes should be taken as three of the electives: PHYS 951 (Plasma Physics), PHYS 953 (Magnetohydrodynamics of the Heliosphere), and one of PHYS 954 (Heliospheric and Galactic Physics), PHYS 987 (Magnetospheres).

Suggestions for other electives for Space Science students are:


Introduction to Astrophysics


Introduction to Space Plasma Physics


Space Instrumentation

or a course from another field of physics, such as:


Introduction to Solid State Physics


Nuclear Physics


Advanced Scientific Computing


Cosmology & General Relativity

961, 962

Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Depending on the research area, courses from other departments may be taken as electives (other courses are eligible with the graduate advisor's approval), e.g.:

MATH 853

Introduction to Numerical Methods I

MATH 854

Introduction to Numerical Methods II

IAM 851

Introduction to High Performance Computing

ME 807

Analytical Fluid Dynamics

ME 812

Waves in Fluids

ME 909

Viscous Flow

ME 910


ME 995

Asymptotic Methods