Required courses are typically offered once a year. Most others are offered only every other year. Students should take this into account when planning their schedules.

Offered every year



Math Physics 931

Experimental 805

Classical Mechanics 939

Intro. to Numerical Methods II, Math 854

E & M II 942

Statistical Physics 935

Quantum Mechanics II 944

E&M I 941

Intro. to Numerical Methods I, Math 853

Quantum Mechanics I 943

Physics Teaching Seminar (1 credit)

Introduction to Research (1 credit)

Offered every other year

Typically offered in Fall

Typically offered in Spring

Introduction to Astrophysics 810

Optics 808

Introduction to Space Plasma Physics 812

Solid State Physics 818

Heliospheric Physics 954

Nuclear Physics 820

Advanced QM II 962

Cosmology and General Relativity 864

Advanced Solid State 965

Magnetohydrodynamics of the Heliosphere 953

Magnetospheres 987


High Energy Astrophysics 988