Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the UNH Physics Department web pages!

We have tried to collect on this page some of this information that is probably most important to you as you decide on your major and your school.

Why come to the UNH Physics Department?

  • We are a small department of about 20 faculty, 60 undergraduates and 60 graduate students.
  • Being a small department, your upper division courses (second year and beyond) will typically have 20 or fewer students.
  • There are many opportunities for undergraduates to do research at UNH. Students havebegun research as early as their freshman year here.
  • We offer interdisciplinary options in material sciencechemical physics, and astronomy.
  • We offer an innovative first year course that teaches calculus and physics together. In this class, many of the activities involve group work and hands-on work.
  • We have an active chapter of the Society of Physics Students which does service activities and enrichment activities.

What comes after getting a physics degree?

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is collecting statistical data on education and employment in physics and related fields.

For more information, check out the AIP's Statistical Research Center home page.


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