Fri, 12/07/2018 - 3:10pm to 4:00pm
DeMeritt 240
Prof. Simonetta Liuti, University of Virginia

The Emerging Science of Nuclear Femtography

The new discoveries in neutrino physics, the observation of gravitational waves along with the puzzle of the lack of new fundamental particles at the LHC Nuclear and Particle physics is once more on the verge of new paradigm changes and discoveries.  I will discuss deeply virtual exclusive processes as probes for the next frontier that will allow us to access dynamically corrrelated distributions in both momentum and coordinate space - the Wigner distributions -- at the femtoscale. I will explain how a phase space mapping of the quarks and gluons.  I will explain how a detailed phase space mapping of the quarks and gluons in both the nucleon and the atomic nucleus, besides providing for the first time images of quarks and gluons spatial distributions, is essential for understanding the so far elusive nucleon mass and spin decompositions in terms of its quark and gluon components.