Fri, 02/14/2020 - 3:10pm
DeMeritt Hall Rm 240
Elena Long, University of New Hampshire

Understanding the Nature of Matter with Polarized Targets

Since the discovery of the proton in 1917, physicists have been studying its properties: Asking questions about the internal structure and external phenomena of this basic piece of matter. This past century has been working to build an understanding that begins at the most fundamental quark level, builds up to protons and neutrons, and describes how they come together to form the atomic nuclei that make up everything we see around us. In just the past few decades, our understanding of this internal structure of nucleons has been greatly increased thanks to developments of high-energy electron accelerators and spin-polarized targets. From the quark sea through the internal electric structure of nucleons and beyond, this colloquium will cover the discoveries that have given us our current understanding of matter and detail current and future developments being led by the UNH Nuclear Physics Group that will teach us more about the nature of matter.