Wed, 09/21/2016 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
DeMeritt 253
Material Science Seminar
Michael Moebius, Harvard University

Efficient entangled photon triplet generation in integrated TiO2 waveguides

Abstract: Generation of entangled photons in nonlinear media constitutes a basic building block of modern photonic quantum technology. Current optical materials are severely limited in their ability to produce three or more entangled photons in a single event due to weak nonlinearities and challenges in achieving phase-matching. Photon losses in materials and devices further limit performance. We are developing integrated nanoscale TiO2 waveguides to enable efficient generation of entangled photon triplets using third-order spontaneous parametric down-conversion. I will present on our approach to achieving sustained phase-matching, strong nonlinear interactions, and optimizing our devices. In the presence of typical losses, we predict photon triplet generation efficiencies over an order of magnitude higher than previous experimental and theoretical demonstrations.