F. William Hersman

Professor, Department of Physics
Director, Center for Hyperpolarized Nuclei

Bill Hersman received his PhD from MIT in 1982 working in experimental intermediate energy nuclear physics. For twenty-five years he used GeV energy electrons to investigate the structures and excitation modes of nuclei. His most notable achievement is founding of the Bates Large Acceptance Spectrometer Toroid (BLAST) Collaboration to access the unique and rich program of nuclear physics by placing an internal gas jet target inside a circulating electron beam. In the mid 90’s his focus shifted improving and implementing polarized gas instrumentation. His contributions included new methods for polarizing 3He for fundamental physics with neutrons and polarizing xenon-129 for medical physics. He has also developed a new architecture for efficiently producing kilowatt level power for line-narrowed optical pumping lasers. In 2004 he founded Xemed LLC to carry those projects forward commercially, while he continues to focus on his academic research with undergraduate and graduate students.

(603) 862-3512
DeMeritt Hall 223