Jiadong Zang

Associate Professor, Department of Physics


Jiadong Zang joined the Materials Science Program and Department of Physics in 2015 after 3 years in the Institute for Quantum Matter, Johns Hopkins University as a postdoctoral fellow. Jiadong's major research interest is the theoretical condensed matter physics, with a recent focus on topological phenomena and non-equilibrium transport theories.

Teaching Interests

My main teaching interest is the theoretical courses in physics. I am teaching Quantum Mechanics (PHYS 943, 944) starting from spring semester 2016. I’m interested in conveying the physical pictures with minimal algebras, and helping students build physical intuitions.

Research Areas

  • Topological phenomena in condensed matter physics.
  • Magnetic skyrmions in non-centrosymmetric magnets.
  • Non-equilibrium quasi-particle transports.

            Topology is a beautiful language in mathematics but now also showing its elegancy in condensed matter physics. The topological properties owned by materials are robust against disorders, perturbations, and thermal fluctuations. Outstanding examples include topological insulator, topological superconductor, and topological spin textures. A deep understanding of them and exploration of new topological phenomena is my major interest.

            The marriage of topology and magnetism gives birth to the magnetic skyrmion, a topological spin texture in which local magnetic moments point in all directions wrapping a sphere. I have extensively worked on skyrmion physics ever since its experimental discovery in 2009. I discussed, in language of emergent electromagnetic field, dynamics of skyrmions under various stimuli. My recent efforts have been paid to manipulate single skyrmions in confined geometries, and discover new materials in which skyrmions interplay with other unconventional orderings.

            Modern techniques are strongly motivated to challenge all possible existing limits. Consequently the device sizes and response times are getting extremely smaller, in which circumstances the standard equilibrium theory are no longer valid. The electron conductions, magnetization dynamics, and other quasi-particle transport through these mediums driven by time-dependent stimuli are my current interest. All these scenarios call for the development of non-equilibrium transport theory and high performance simulation algorithms.

            I not only concentrate on exploring deep physics, but also extensively devote in bridging the gap between experiment and theory; providing explanations of, and predictions for, experiments.

Selected Publications

1. J. Zang, V. Cros, and A. Hoffmann, Topology in Magnetism, Springer, Series in Solid-State Sciences, ISBN 978-3-319-97334-0

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(603) 862-1395
DeMeritt Hall 351
Ph.D. Fudan University, China (2012)