Mark L McConnell

Professor, Department of Physics
Professor, Space Science Center (EOS)
Director, Southwest Research Instutute (SwRI-EOS)

Dr. McConnell has more than 35 years experience in developing and using instrumentation for high energy astrophysics experiments. His Ph.D. research involved the development of a balloon-borne gamma-ray coded aperture telescope. He served as a co-investigator on the CGRO/COMPTEL experiment, concentrating on studies of X-ray binaries and solar flares. He has been a guest investigator on the RHESSI, INTEGRAL and Fermi missions. Among the many hardware projects that he has been involved with, he is particularly interested in the development of experiments to study gamma-ray polarization. He serves as PI for the GRAPE balloon experiment, designed to measure gamma-ray polarization from GRBs and solar flares.

(603) 862-2047
Morse Hall 308
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire (1987)
B.S., Case Western Reserve University (1980)